[Celebrity News] Top 10 Nicki Minaj Music Videos
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Nicki Minaj: is just one of those rappers who knows how to make an impression.Bursting onto the scene in the late-2000’s, Ms. Minaj has made a name for herself for more than just her music. Her songs, chart-toppers and party anthems that continue to stay in the public consciousness to this day, are only part of what has helped her leave such an indelible mark on the genre. Her music videos are known for their eye-popping colors, adventurous editing techniques and, as her career has progressed, a deeper sense of dramatic storytelling. Once thought of as just fun, bouncy visuals to have on a YouTube playlist when things are getting lit at a house party, her videos have become something more substantive and, dare I say it, vital to hip-hop culture. She’s gone from showcasing her many influences to influencing the work of others, so we thought it appropriate to gather the ten best of the bunch up and lay them out for you, Top Ten style.Now, before you comment in a blind rage and say that we forgot videos like “Rake It Up,” “You Da Baddest” or even “Beauty and a Beat,” know that we’re only taking songs where Nicki is the main artist on the track and not the feature. With so many strong features under her belt from her career as a rapper, it would’ve been too difficult a task to narrow those down.Without further ado, let’s get to it:


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A strange-yet-compelling visual cross between Scar-face and Eyes Wide Shut, Nicki Minaj takes on the role of a woman who’s into a guy with a reputation for breaking all the rules. Making his coin with the “movers” and the “shakers,” Minaj poses next to glittering pools, expensive cars and, most memorably of all, a nearly-naked Lil Wayne as the bass pounds out the speakers. The last minute or so of this video is the most infamous stretch, where the two rappers mime a lovemaking scene that’s set against some lush lighting and wrinkled white sheets. A steamy kick-off to a list that won’t be devoid of sex appeal.

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