[Album] Logic – Bobby Tarantino II ALBUM
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People continue to find all manner of ways to hate on Logic. Whether it’s his overwhelming success, his sometimes goofy appearance, or the perception that the messages he delivers in his music are “corny,” it doesn’t seem to matter. With each successive project, Logic has become more and more polarizing. Despite all of this criticism, Logic sounds carefree and at ease on his sixth mixtape Bobby Tarantino II.

  1. Grandpa’s Space Ship | DOWNLOAD
  2. Overnight | DOWNLOAD
  3. Contra | DOWNLOAD
  4. Boomtrap Protocol | DOWNLOAD
  5. Yuck | DOWNLOAD
  6. Indica Badu Feat. Wiz Khalifa | DOWNLOAD
  7. Midnight | DOWNLOAD
  8. Warm It Up | DOWNLOAD
  9. Wizard Of Oz | DOWNLOAD
  10. State Of Emergency Feat. 2 Chainz | DOWNLOAD
  11. Wassup Feat. Big Sean | DOWNLOAD
  12. Everyday | DOWNLOAD
  13. 44 More | DOWNLOAD

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